Flanne’s Yummy Pussy


“That’s right, just over here!” Vera said, disrobing as she coaxed the slime creature from its pool. Her shorts and belt hit the ground with a thud as various bottles and vials rolled away. Clearly Vera’s gathering mission had gone off the rails, and she’d be lucky to walk away with any viable samples at this rate.

“This looks like a good spot, doesn’t it?” the pink-haired girl said, laying down. “Just rest yourself right on my mouth, I promise it’ll be fun!”

The blue goo creature (whom Vera had mentally nicknamed Flanne for her firm-yet-gooey texture), now fully formed into the likeness of a petite woman, blinked in curiosity and lowered itself over the strange humanoid’s face as instructed. Immediately Vera stuck out her tongue and took a taste of the creature’s glistening nethers.

“Oooh… oh wow, you taste really good…” Vera began lapping at Flanne’s nethers, fully enveloped in the heat of the moment. Her own bare vulva, fully exposed in the sunlight, began dripping with lust. Any thoughts of a scientific endeavor into the forest flew out of her head as Vera lost herself in the tastes and sensations of Flanne’s yummy pussy…


A new OC? I know, hard to believe I’d make another… (/sarcasm). Long ago I made a googirl but I wasn’t super happy with her design and overall she was just a pain in the ass to draw (hence why there’s so little of her in my gallery). So I decided to basically scrap that character and make a new one. Pretty happy with Flanne, so let me know if you’d like to see more of her in the future!

This is, of course, just a low resolution sample. Site members get access to all 6 HD versions, including before/during climax as well as futa variants!

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