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Kawakami needs your full focus!

Kawakami needs your full focus!


“Come in,” Kawakami remarked, not bothering to turn around at the knock on her door.

A large young man entered with an apprehensive expression, glancing around the dim office as he closed the door behind him.

“Ah good, you’re here,” she said, turning to face her student. “You know why I called you in today?” She smirked as she asked the question, eager to cut to the chase. Already she could feel her panties dampening at what she’d planned.

“I think it’s about my exam grade, Professor..?” the man said, walking closer to her Kawakami’s desk. “It sure is dark in here…”

Kawakami marched forward and planted herself immediately in front of her student in a challenging stance.

“You’re damn right it’s about your grade!” she barked. “It’s clear you haven’t been studying, or else you would’ve gotten higher than an F!”

“Sorry, you’re right,” he whined, attempting an excuse. “I’ve just been so distracted lately, I-“

Without warning, Kawakami placed her hand on his crotch and began rubbing.

“You can’t afford to be distracted,” she whispered. “This is vital to your career! I happen to know a lot about men and their distractions… so let’s do something to help you focus, hm?”

Other than his rapidly hardening cock, the man’s only response was dropping his bag to the floor before picking his Professor up and clumsily plopping her onto her desk…


Oh hey, an animation (in case any of you were wondering what this tweet meant…)! Looks like Professor Kawakami has moved up from high school to teaching university, which means she now gets higher pay and her own office. It’s a nice place to retreat, grade some papers… and get her wet pussy plowed HARD!  She may not be dressed as a maid, but Kawakami needs your full focus and is determined to get positive results. Lucky for her, she’s surrounded by horny college students (and faculty)! Let’s just hope she can keep her voice down (and close the damn blinds)…

Here is the low resolution version of the animation, complete with sound! Site members get this in HD, along with all of the behind-the-scenes test animations from start to finish! If you enjoy these animations, please consider subscribing! It helps a lot and ensures I can continue doing content like this!

(make sure sound is ENABLED!)

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