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Feed the Strays

Finally, I have a working PC once more! So to celebrate, I took this week off from game dev and did some good ol’ fashioned smut art! We all know Nalica and Seki are desperate cock-gobblers, but their masters really should keep a better eye…
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Bramble goes full CUM-SLUT!

Seeing as things are nuts right now and the convention I was gonna attend this week got cancelled, I suddenly found myself with a free week to draw whatever I wanted. And since Bramble is one of my favorite OCs who I barely ever get to draw,…
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Melody gets her pussy stuffed and filled!

About a week ago, a colleague of mine showed me the new camgirl sensation Projekt Melody. After seeing how cute her character design is, I knew I wanted to draw her. So I did a little fanart set! Here's a little freebie of her enjoying a big,…
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Newcomer Karen has no time for inhibitions!

At the suggestion of a fellow Kupaa artist, I decided to take my love of character creation and apply it to something else I love… Persona! So with the help of my Twitter fans and the private members Discord, I incorporated a ton of design…
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Corrupted Seki plows Eleanor!

Hey folks, I'm out of town this week, but fear not! Kamina1978 has graciously provided a kickass pic, featuring corrupted Seki fucking Eleanor silly! Become a site member to enjoy this 2-pic set uncropped, uncensored and in HD!
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Constance gives her pussy a workout

Yeah I know I just drew her 2 weeks ago. I really like this character, can’t help it! Constance understands the importance of keeping her body in shape… and that’s includes ALL parts of her body. Her customized exercise bike ensures that…
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Eleanor spreads and shows off

Just a little something simple this week, featuring the lovely nerd Eleanor spreading her soft, pink pussy. Become a site member to get this 6-pic set, including bare, anal bead, cock and cum variants, all uncropped and in high resolution! …
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Eleanor goes down on Val!

It’s been a while since the pic set showing Val having some fun under the table with Eleanor, but let’s return to that night, shall we? Here, we see the follow-up to their activities upon returning to Val and Rose’s apartment from their…
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Queen Lutci imposes her royal authority

The only part of attending her fellow queens’ parties that Lutci enjoys is draining the men dry. Not out of any notion of love or romance, but out of pure carnal need. One such party is taking place in Queen Margaret’s district, a woman…
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Hifumi gets frisky on her date!

Continuing the P5 protagonist’s waifu tour while he’s back from college: he calls up his demure friend, Hifumi, and asks her out on a date. Little does he know, she’s been thinking about him every day since he left, and now that he’s…