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Keqing gets her pussy pampered

Too much paperwork and tasks can make even Ningguang's Yuheng a dull lady. Perhaps she'll perform with a bit more enthusiasm once Keqing gets her pussy pampered... Luckily, Ganyu and even Morax have shown up to help do just that! And for once,…
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Juri and Cammy grapple and slammie

The streets are mean and full of talented fighters! With all those sweet moves and finishers, sometimes doing one's best just doesn't cut it. Time to get creative! These two ladies are doing exactly that. The excited crowd gasps as Juri and…
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Baal gets her pussy and ass filled!

Moving right along with Inazuma cuties, it would be remiss of me to skip the Raiden Shogun herself. And since she’s spent such a long time in isolation, it only makes sense that her closest friends would want to give her a little taste of…
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Eleanor enjoys a romantic snack at sunset…

Hey folks, just a simple pic this week. Figured I’d give you yuri-lovers out there a little tidbit for the summer. As always, site members get this in full HD. Enjoy the beach-y goodness!
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Beidou loves to grind her pussy

After having Bei in my party for weeks, I finally realized just how useful she is! Also, who doesn’t love a rough-and-tumble pirate lady? Little did we know... After a long voyage at sea, Beidou loves to grind her pussy on a favored lady's…
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Jezebell and Constance ring in the new year

Happy New Year, everyone! Time to flush 2020 down the toilet and hopefully gear up for a much better year! Jezebell and Constance ring in the new year by getting fit… but Constance has a tradition that absolutely MUST be followed! Poor Jez,…
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Flanne’s yummy pussy

Flanne's Yummy Pussy ---------- "That's right, just over here!" Vera said, disrobing as she coaxed the slime creature from its pool. Her shorts and belt hit the ground with a thud as various bottles and vials rolled away. Clearly Vera's gathering…
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ANIMATION!! Takemi entices Chihaya!

As posted on my Discord and social media, this year I'm going to be stepping back from the written-stories-accompanied-by-pics approach to my Monster Hunnies series. Instead, I'll be using that time to try things that I've been desperate to…
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Jezebell gets intimate with Lutci

In this new episode of Monster Hunnies, it’s Halloween, and that means people dressing in costumes! Our dear Jezebell has entered the costume contest at Lutci’s big party, but it looks like she’s backstage getting cold feet. Luckily,…
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Corrupted Seki plows Eleanor!

Hey folks, I'm out of town this week, but fear not! Kamina1978 has graciously provided a kickass pic, featuring corrupted Seki fucking Eleanor silly! Become a site member to enjoy this 2-pic set uncropped, uncensored and in HD!