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In a different universe, Queen Lutci was never a queen at all. She ended up working a grueling 8-5 desk job, rolling her eyes at the busy-bodies gathered around the water cooler, tapping her heel while waiting for the copy machine to warm up, etc. All that stress leaves a girl… frustrated. Luckily a new […]

Don’t you just hate when you’re minding your own business, and suddenly you phase out of reality into a creepy, neverending liminal space? Unfortunately for our bratty gamer-girl, that’s exactly what happened. Not to worry, though… Eleanor’s no-clip mishap is sure to resolve itself once someone finds her… And look, here’s someone now! This is […]

“Listen, Makoto,” Sae breathed, barely able to suppress a tremor, “Y-you’ll have to eat dinner -ah!- without me… I don’t know how long I’ll be at the office tonight.” “Alright then…” came her sister’s wary response. “Are you feeling alright, Sae? You’re not coming down with something, I hope? You know if you work too […]

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Monster Hunnies

Meet the official cast of characters that comprise the illustration set anthology I’ve been continually working on since 2013!


Each new Monster Hunnies release includes a 2-part ministory that delves further into the lewd world in which these lovable characters live!

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See finished commission works months before anyone else, and in higher res too!

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From speed videos to lets-plays (and soon, tutorials!), check out bonus video content showing what I do both on and off the clock.

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