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Fall is in full swing, and there’s a frosty nip to the air. In Porte Avant, that means it’s time for the annual Fall Festival, and they have their own “unique” interpretations of popular games and attractions! Take, for instance, the pie game. In any other place, a carnival volunteer would throw insults until someone […]

Originally this pic set was going to be much more Halloween-y, but… Whatever, lol. It *DOES* feature cute goth tomboy Jezebell from last year’s Halloween, so that’s something right? In any case, this time we’re getting down to her level, where cute goth tomboy Jez invites you VERY close for a special treat! This is, […]

It’s spooky month, and that means at least one new Halloween-y pic set! As voted upon by twitter, Annis is getting her trick-or-treat on by cosplaying as Lilith from Darkstalkers! Of course, she also figures out a sure-fire way to get more candy in the process… So don’t disappoint her! Annis’ ass demands treats! Site […]

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Meet the official cast of characters that comprise the illustration set anthology I’ve been continually working on since 2013!


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