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Mona envisions the moment she loses her virginity!

Being a “master astrologer”, Mona sometimes has the ability to see the future. In this case, it’s her own… at the moment she loses her virginity! Of course, she can’t quite see the man’s face, but he seems oddly familiar… Maybe a Mondstadt guard she ran into somewhere? Also, she can’t help but notice that […]

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Tomboy goes goth

After a suggestion from one of the Discord members (when a tomboy goes goth), I figured what the hell. Jez is the perfect choice for this! Couple that with Halloween, and there ya go! Enjoy the low res pic of this petite cutie trying her hand at tricks and treats! Become a site member to […]

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GameDev: Jez sprites!

This week I finally started working on art assets for my upcoming game, beginning with Jez (the mechanic)! She can be a bit of a bully, but a lovable one! This is the sprite sheet for scene 2. She has another scene in the game later on (plus a CG sex scene and animation), which […]

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The Wrong Hole

The Wrong Hole ——— “I-I really should get back to the front soon,” Bramble said as the soldier tossed her apron aside. “There might be customers.” “I’m sure they’ll manage,” grinned the soldier, hoisting the shopkeep up so her backside was facing him. Pinning her legs near her body in a “full nelson” hold, he […]