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Kujou Sara gets publicly used!

The moment that Kujou Sara released in Genshin, I immediately knew I had to draw her. True, she’s not even that powerful a character… I just think she’s gorgeous!! Ahem, anyway… After the events of the plot quest, the Raiden Shogun lifts the Vision Hunt Decree in Inazuma… What about all the heartache and trouble […]

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Yanfei gives a peek at some “sensitive material”…

Alright, after a solid month of nothing but sprite sheets and game assets, I’m taking a little break with some fanart! Enjoy some underrated waifu material in the form of Yanfei! While the Liyue Millileth guards don’t condone public displays of indecency, the pink-haired adeptus luckily knows a few loopholes to keep herself covered… Barely… […]

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Grab bag of tasty lewds

Hey folks! Got a grab bag of tasty lewds this week! First off, a new character design which just might make future appearances! Designed and rendered by the insanely talented TFilatia (creator of the upcoming indie game Bad Night), say hello to this lovely new mermaid and her naughty friends! She’s still unnamed at the […]

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Lyren fills Bramble’s pussy and ass with semen!

Some folks may have noticed an absence of art for April (unless you’ve been paying attention to the Discord server!). That’s because I was given the green light to finish writing the script for my upcoming visual novel game… And I’m pleased to say, I used that time very wisely! But enough about that, I […]

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Cocogoat gets her ass plowed!

As voted on by you folks, the newest animation loop features Liyue’s beloved “cocogoat”, Ganyu! Looks like helping the people of her realm includes giving the Millileth soldiers a little stress “outlet” so they can stay focused… As always, this is only the low resolution version. Site members can get the video in much higher […]