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Meet Selene

Many of us artists made our own little pin-up tributes ever since Kupaa’s mascot character was remade from the ground up, . Therefore… drum roll please… Meet Selene! This set sports a little “Jem and the Holograms” flavor, and naturally I couldn’t resist the urge to show her in various states of undress. This is […]

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Eula offers you a special feast

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t worry, even though you might already be sick of turkey and dressing, there’s still plenty of other things to chow down on. And with that particular look in her eye… when Eula offers you a special feast like this, you damn well dig in! Also, since I finally managed to roll Eula […]

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Nalica invites friends over for some “tabletop”

When Nalica invites friends over for some “tabletop”, she means something rather different… Other than sprite work for my game, I’ve apparently not drawn Nalica in almost a year! So I figured it was time to remedy that situation As always, below is a low-res sample. Subscribers get the entire 8-pic set in juicy HD, […]

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Kujou Sara gets publicly used!

The moment that Kujou Sara released in Genshin, I immediately knew I had to draw her. True, she’s not even that powerful a character… I just think she’s gorgeous!! Ahem, anyway… After the events of the plot quest, the Raiden Shogun lifts the Vision Hunt Decree in Inazuma… What about all the heartache and trouble […]

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Yanfei gives a peek at some “sensitive material”…

Alright, after a solid month of nothing but sprite sheets and game assets, I’m taking a little break with some fanart! Enjoy some underrated waifu material in the form of Yanfei! While the Liyue Millileth guards don’t condone public displays of indecency, the pink-haired adeptus luckily knows a few loopholes to keep herself covered… Barely… […]