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Constance gets a face-full of cocks

I’ve been seeing the “PP on face” meme making its rounds on social media. For some reason, I really felt the need to do one of my own!
So here’s where Constance gets a face-full of cocks, starting with only one over her eyes, and then more dudes decide to join the fun. Poor girl is going to have a LOT of clean-up to deal with…
This is only a low-res sample. Site members get access to all 6-pics in the set (and of course, my ENTIRE library of lewd art and animations!), including one cock, six cocks, precum, mouth open and cummy variants! Enjoy the sticky fun!

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  1. Dimentioxd
    Dimentioxd says:

    I love your girls, but I also love the way you draw dicks (I’m sure I’m not the only one). More pics like this, with a lot of dicks =P


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