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Mona envisions the moment she loses her virginity!

Being a “master astrologer”, Mona sometimes has the ability to see the future. In this case, it’s her own… at the moment she loses her virginity! Of course, she can’t quite see the man’s face, but he seems oddly familiar… Maybe a Mondstadt guard she ran into somewhere? Also, she can’t help but notice that while this appears to take place years from now, she’s still wearing her same old outfit.

“Hmm,” she thinks as she studies this vision. “Do I really want to wear the same thing all those years without switching anything up? But then, if I change my outfit, will that inadvertently change the future?! Will that one act change my fate entirely, and I won’t meet this mystery man??”

Pondering the strange mechanisms of the universe and the so-called “butterfly effect”, Mona mumbles to herself as she begins taking notes in a dusty old tome…


After doing that Ningguang pic set, I decided I wanted to finally do a new animation. I had folks vote on who the character would be, and Mona won pretty handily!

Update! At last, the animation is now finished! Below is a low-resolution version, be sure to turn up the sound!
Site members get the animation in glorious HD, along with a 10-pack of test animations leading up to the final! Your support allows me to create sexy animations like this, so please consider joining!

(make sure sound is ENABLED!)

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