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“Gem Mommy” gives a soft footjob!

The moment I loaded up Genshin Impact for the first time and saw some of the roster, I knew I’d want to draw some of these cuties! A lucky roll then landed Ningguang, the earth mage, in my party and I swooned…
So here she is, doing a bit of “creative negotiation” to secure a trade agreement with a wealthy merchant. Of course, there is also the ever-present threat of her gem missiles in the background, but I like to think the footjob is a pretty decent bargaining chip!

Site subscribers get the entire 6-pic set, all in luscious HD! Includes clothed and nude versions for both, as well as cumshot variants!
Hope you folks enjoy! Oh, and keep an eye out, I’ll be doing an animation of one of these characters this month 😉


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