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Eleanor is horny on the public bus (new animation!)

After several requests from you folks for a few things, I decided to combine them all into one sexy animation (nerdy girl + fingering). And what better way for Eleanor to explore such things than right out in the open for all to see!

UPDATE 5/22:
Alright, the animation is finished! As with the previous animation, this one has been extended to 20 seconds. It also has voice acting by the lovely LadyLustria and sound effects! I’m considering taking either Eleanor or one of my other characters and making a series of animations, which I will then string together into one complete “story” animation!

And of course, site members get this animation in glorious HD, along with all the making-of test animations leading up to the finished product!

Consider becoming a member today! Your contribution allows me to make new, sexy content like this!

(low res version)

(make sure sound is ENABLED!)


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