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Queen Lutci imposes her royal authority

The only part of attending her fellow queens’ parties that Lutci enjoys is draining the men dry. Not out of any notion of love or romance, but out of pure carnal need. One such party is taking place in Queen Margaret’s district, a woman…
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Willow dresses as Cerberus for Halloween!

For this year’s Harvest Festival, Willow has converted one of her farm’s storage sheds into her own little side attraction: the Gateway of Hades! And before the wary carnival-goer can leave, he or she must pay the toll. In this case… the…
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Playful Roo gives the camera a nice view!

Small 2-part image set this time around, but a playful upside-down Roo is still pretty dang adorable, no? Site members get both the solo and fucked versions in high res and uncropped/uncensored :)
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Just Monika

The other Literature Club girls are... "busy", so Monika now has the newest member all to herself. At long last. She's having so much fun with him! Why, she could do this... forever... Site members get access to the entire 8-image set, featuring…
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New Knockout release! Rose gets slippery!

After a long, exhausting day at work, Rose wants nothing more than to get out of her smelly clothes and soak in a nice, hot bath. That is until her lesbian lover, Val, creeps from the shadows and decides to fingerblast her 🙂 Twitter…
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Yuri Gives In to Her Base Desires!

Just before the big school fair, the club vice president asks the club's only male member to help her with some decorations. No big deal, right? Well, except for the fact that she's batshit crazy about him... Site members can enjoy this parody…
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CLEO Assumes Her New Role as Master’s Cumdump!

Sexbot CLEO has arrived at a new household and is eager to prove her skills right out of the box! Her master is only too happy to oblige as he uses her mouth as his new fuckhole, pumping load after load down her soft throat. Members get access…
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Mothgirl Talu is Assfucked by a Stranger!

Cutie pie mothgirl Talu is just trying to do a little sunbathing when she accidentally falls out of her tree... and right into the clutches of a wandering adventurer with a hankering for a good old-fashioned ass-plowing! Members get access…
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The Protagonist Returns to Yongen-Jaya

Back in town after being away for a couple years, our P5 MC is visiting his friends at Leblanc. However, a certain hot teacher (who apparently never actually quit the maid business!) has plans of her own before his other friends show up. Secreting…
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Eleanor Gets Up in Your Face!

Eleanor has proven herself to be quite the little closet freak, and this time is no exception. As she kneels down, just inches above your face, she decides to hold her position and taunt you. Her smooth, pouting pussy is right there. Her erotic…