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Vera sports a sloppy, cum-filled pussy

Some of the folks on the Discord recommended I draw a reverse-cowgirl set, and I was thunderstruck that I hadn’t yet drawn that position. So I remedied that whole situation!
Judging from that sassy smirk, Vera is quite amused at just how horny this position makes her companion. Lucky for them both, she knows exactly how to expertly “ride the stick”! After a long night of ass-slamming depravity, Vera sports a sloppy, cum-filled pussy before passing out on the bed!
This one’s just a low-res sample. Join today to get all 8 pics in the set in juicy HD! Includes amused/naughty expressions, wet vs sloppy cum, and male/female/futa companion variants! Your membership also gets you access to my entire HUGE library of lewd works and animations, as well as access to every other artist’s site on our network!

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