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Curvy office lady offers encouragement

Hey folks! I know, it’s been a while since an update. I apologize for that. I took some time away from illustrations and fanart to focus heavily on completing all of the remaining visual assets (sprites, CG’s, items, endings, etc) for the early access version of Hey Stranger!
But! Luckily I was able to complete my part of it. Now we’re waiting on the animations to be completed, sound effects, and coding. I will, of course, update you all when something more concrete is ready, but things are moving along nicely!

Now I’m back to drawing other stuff, and I’ve had an itch lately to draw a pic (or series) where a sexy, curvy office lady offers encouragement to help her coworkers complete their tasks!
I intend to add more pages to this little mini-story, so please stay tuned!
Site members get access to all 8 versions of this page in glorious HD, including female, flaccid-futa, erect-futa, and newhalf variants, as well as the non-speech version of those!
And of course, your membership gives you access to my ENTIRE library of delicious, naughty art and animations, as well as the other artists’ sites in our network!
Please consider supporting my work so that I can continue to draw cute ladies for you folks! <3

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