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Rose quietly stuffs her chaste pussy

All she wanted to do was clean the confession booth. Just another boring day of duties, right?
Instead, Rose’s tasks are interrupted by a repentant young woman determined to divulge every last detail of her deepest, raunchiest thoughts.
Overwhelmed by the vividness of this woman’s depravity, and unable to resist her own pent-up needs, Rose quietly stuffs her chaste pussy while the clueless woman next-door unwittingly fuels her fire!
All of this leads to a sopping wet gush-session as Rose soaks the floorboards while trying to remain quiet…

This is, of course, just a low resolution sample. Site members can log in and get access to all 4 deliciously lewd pics in HD (with/without speech, and before/during climax)! And, as always, access to my massive library of naughty pics and animations!

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