Seki’s Sperm Bank!


Time for a new animation, and this one’s a DOOZY! Where as previous animations have been 1-2 second loops, this is a full 12-seconds of hand-drawn sexiness!
Nalica and Seki are notoriously thirsty while in heat, and Seki has found an efficient way of getting her much needed protein as quickly as possible. Step right up and make your deposit at Seki’s sperm bank! 😉


Alright, the animation is finally all done! WHEW, this thing was a beast! Be sure to turn up the sound to get the full experience! Special thanks to PixieWillow for providing the voice!

Site subscribers get access to a much higher resolution, as well as a zip file containing all 13 of the progress gifs leading up to this point (oh, and access to my ENTIRE library of lewd works!)

(make sure sound is ENABLED!)


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