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Nalica receives a mouthful (ANIMATION!)

I’ve been itching to do a new animation since the Persona one a few weeks ago, and I figured it’s time to give the treatment to my favorite dragongirl, Nalica. So far, I have all the lines done on this blowjob loop. Site subscribers can log in and download a zip file containing all the test animations leading up to this point (11 tests as of this post), and any tests I conduct next week while doing the colors, shading and background. If you appreciated the quality of my last animation, then you’ll love this once it’s all done!
Be sure to check back next week for the finished, fully rendered loop!

*UPDATE 3/6/20*
Alright, the animation is now COMPLETE! Scroll down to find a new low-res render of the completed loop!
Site members, be sure to log in and grab the HIGH RES version in both APNG and MP4 formats, along with the ZIP file with even more test animations (12-17)!
Hope you all like it, I had a ton of fun working on this and I plan to do plenty more in the months to come!


(click for animation)

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