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Special Series: Futaba (NEW UPDATE 9/13)

As mentioned (and voted upon) on social media, I wanted to do a special pic series featuring a sequence of images that tell a story instead of one image with multiple versions. Futaba from Persona 5 won by a HUGE margin, so this parody series takes place a few years after the events of the game.
While this first “establishing shot” is a freebie, the rest of the series will be exclusive to site members! Be sure to subscribe and follow along on her little dorm-room adventure!
Without further ado, here goes!


Part 1

“Almost… got it…”

Futaba Sakura’s tongue poked through the corner of her lips as she squinted in concentration. Wires, components and various bits of equipment littered the floor of her dorm which, when combined with the mish-mash of empty cups and potato chip bags, created a minefield of foot hazards. Sweat trickled down her furrowed brow as her delicate fingers danced across one of several nearby keyboards, a string of rapidly-constructed code streaking across the monitor.

Several sleepless nights (and skipped uni classes) had blended together to form a feverish haze as Sakura single-mindedly tinkered with the cellphone that she had recently recovered while visiting her father’s cafe in Yongen-Jaya. During a surge of customers, Futaba had snuck upstairs to her former companion’s flat. Each corner of the dusty old room held memories of their adventures, and she swore she could still detect his masculine scent even after all these years. Flopping down on the futon in the corner, she had nearly dozed off when she noticed something lodged between the bed frame and the wall. Upon further inspection, she discovered an old cellphone, presumably belonging to Joker at some point. But why would he leave it here? Was this THE cellphone? The one with the navigation app which opened the Metaverse?

Futaba was determined to get answers, and after days of frustration and dead ends, she now felt the tantalizing closeness of resolution. In fact…

“That should do it!” she shouted, throwing her hands up in premature victory. “Now I just have to plug in the phone and…”

Mumbling to no one in particular, the redhead connected the phone to her PC and waited for her changes to upload. She knew chances were slim, but if she could find even a trace of the MetaNav app, it would confirm that a path to the Metaverse was still possible.

Futaba caught herself holding her breath and deeply exhaled as the upload bar filled, finally emitting a ‘ding!’ to signal its completion. Several moments passed with no change, and the girl’s shoulders began to hunch in disappointment. Well, she thought, back to the drawing bo-

A low, brief hum came from the cellphone. Snatching it up, the girl searched for any sign that something was different. Clicking through the different menus and app libraries, her eyes rested on a folder that hadn’t previously been there. Its title consisted of garbled ascii characters, none of it remotely legible. She tapped the folder to open it, and a single, familiar icon appeared.

“Yes!!” she squealed. “I knew it wasn’t fully erased!” She hugged the phone to herself for a moment, savoring her triumph, before moving to open the application. She stopped, her finger hovering just above the icon.

Maybe I should tell the others first, she pondered. The Metaverse had proven immensely dangerous in the past, and if she was going to dive back in, she wanted the full strength of the Phantom Thieves at her side. Still, temptation pulled at her. What if the app didn’t even work? She should test it first, right? One little click just to make sure.

Biting her lip, Futaba allowed her finger to drop, tapping the MetaNav icon. Seconds ticked by as nothing happened. Suddenly the screen flickered, shining a bright, solid red before finally going dark and lifeless.

Unsure of what had just happened, she pressed a few buttons. The phone, however, was unresponsive. Maybe she’d accidentally fried it? The thought was daunting, to say the least.

A strange sound snapped the girl out of her thoughts. It was a wet, ‘gooshy’ noise, like sticking one’s hand into freshly-cooked noodles. And it was directly behind her.

Wide-eyed, Futaba slowly turned around…


Teaser of Part 2 (now available, more coming next week!)

The redhead scuttled backwards with a shriek as a writhing form emerged from the red, glowing portal. Extending multiple squirming appendages that dripped with some sort of viscous fluid, the creature’s resemblance to a giant, green penis was uncanny. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen this monster, having encountered it with the Phantom Thieves many years back in Mementos. Had she somehow brought the Metaverse and its demons into her own world?

Briefly glancing down, Futaba realized that she had dropped the cellphone. Maybe if she could reach it, she could fix this before-

As if sensing her thoughts, a slimy appendage whipped out and slapped the flip-phone away, sending it off into a dark recess of the dorm.

“Ah ah,” it chided in a deep, breathy voice as it towered over the girl. “How rude to invite us to a party and cancel at the last minute!”

“I… I didn’t…” she tried to say, nearly paralyzed in terror.

“But you did!” it chuckled in delight, slowly extending its “arms” toward her. “Whether you meant to or not, you opened the door… and without your friends, I see.”

Mara, whose name she finally recollected, laughed menacingly as something gooey began coiling its way around one of her ankles. At last her flight response kicked in, and Futaba sprang into action…

…or at least she would have, had the gigantic dick-monster not been anticipating just such a move. Before she could move more than a few meters, thick, greasy arms shot forward and restrained her limbs. Lifting her struggling form off the ground, Mara gave a throaty laugh as its feelers ripped pieces of her clothing off.

“N-no!” she screeched, twisting unsuccessfully in its grasp. “What are you doing!?”

“We’re going to have some fun,” it breathed as a tangy, bleach-like scent emanated from its glistening skin. “Don’t worry… soon you’ll be begging for more…”

One of its tubey arms rubbed against her exposed mound as more creatures materialized through the still-open gateway. Futaba’s frantic pleas could barely be heard over the raucous growls and laughter filling the room…


Teaser of Part 3 (now available, more coming next week!)

The feeling of Mara’s slime-coated tendrils made the girl’s skin crawl, though a small voice in the back of her mind was actually enjoying the sensation. What’s happening!? she thought. Why would I get any enjoyment from such a disgusting creature!?

As if sensing her inner thoughts, the dick-monster let out a belly laugh that sent a quiver through his meaty appendages.

“Looks like you like this more than you’re letting on, eh little lady?” the creature mocked, vibrating against her goo-covered clit.

“N-no… I…”

Thoughts were becoming more difficult to form, and that lewd voice in her head was steadily growing louder.

More, the voice purred. Put it inside me… fuck me senseless…


The words escaped her lips unbidden as her thrashing movements slowly eased.

“Well well,” chuckled another demon as it stepped through the glowing portal, “looks like she’s responding favorably to your lust pheromones, Mara. I guess you haven’t completely lost your touch.”

The burly red Oni ran a gnarled hand over Futaba’s bare, slime-covered ass, giving it a squeeze.

“Thanks for getting her all warmed up for me,” he said over his shoulder, dropping his trousers to the floor.

Mara grinned as his tendrils lowered Futaba’s nude, shaking body into Oni’s waiting clutches.

“She’s hurtin’ for a squirtin’, I’d say… better give her what she needs!”

The dick-monster chortled at his own joke as Oni roughly picked up Futaba and pinned her mid-air against the wall, her balled-up fists weakly pressing against his chest in defiance.

“Somewhere inside,” he growled as his hard, throbbing cock pressed against her dripping slit, “your true self is clawing her way up, just begging to have a little fun. I’m gonna fuck her to the surface, don’t you worry.”

The redhead’s mind stumbled and grasped for coherent thoughts through a thick, lusty fog. For a brief moment, a yellow glow flickered across her eyes as Oni’s giant shaft entered the tightness between her legs. The glow was gone in an instant, but all who gathered around had noticed.

“Pleassse,” she hissed as the barrier holding back that depraved inner voice slowly gave way. “F-fuck me…”



Teaser of Part 4 (to be continued…?)

Many hours later…

“Whew,” said Incubus, wiping the sweat from his brow as he climbed off the young woman’s slippery form. “That was a helluva load, but you took it like a champ!”

Futaba, gulping down the last of the imp-like demon’s seed, made a satisfied “ahhh!” as she grinned.

“Keep ’em coming, boys,” she moaned, running her slender fingers up and down her slimy, cum-covered body.

Between her legs, a large, hulking brute climaxed at her words, filling her swollen pussy to overflow once again. Gushes of fresh, warm semen slopped down her ass cheeks to join the puddle that had accumulated. After a few grunts of pleasure, the large humanoid pulled out and shifted to the side as another demon immediately took his place, ramming his stiff cock inside Futaba’s goo-filled ass.

The redhead, whose eyes now glowed a fierce, mischievous yellow, glanced at the crowd of monsters towering over her prone body. So many of them had already used her as a tool for their perverse, carnal desires, and now they had come back for more. All of her holes had been filled countless times with their lust. Yet, no matter how many loads were dispensed, this “shadow” Futaba seemed to only grow more aroused with each climax… and more powerful.

Two feminine demons pushed their way through to either side of Futaba, kneeling down and nuzzling against her small tits. One of them (a Pixie, from the looks of her) darted out her tongue, lapping at the sweet jism that had pooled in various spots on her chest. The other demoness leaned in and began nibbling seductively on the redhead’s earlobe, sending a tingle of pleasure through her entire body.

“I could do this forever,” Futaba said through a haze of lust. “But then again… why should I have all the fun? Maybe it’s time we invite my old friends, the Phantom Thieves…”

A cheer went up from the ring of monsters surrounding her as yet more streams of stickiness were showered upon her naked body. In a dark, quiet corner of the room, Mara smiled menacingly. The plan was coming to fruition easier than he’d expected. One down, several to go…

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