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Kenny strikes a cute pose!

*gasp!* Flux drew furry!?
I’ve always really liked the design for Kenny after seeing multiple artists draw her, so I figured I’d toss my hat into the ring and see if I could pull it off. I may not have drawn her quite as petite as others have, but I tried to keep that sort of aesthetic while still ensuring she’s portrayed as an adult.  That said… go easy on me, I’m not used to drawing furry XD
Special thanks to the talented Ken Ashcorp who owns the character and gave me permission to draw/post her! If you’re not familiar with his music, go check out his Youtube channel, he’s great!
Enjoy this little freebie. If you like it (and want to see it and the “other” version in much higher resolution), be sure to become a site member today! You get this set, the hundreds of other NSFW pics I’ve done, and every new set I create for as long as your membership is active!

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