Pink-skinned Lyren is treasure hunting down in the dangerous subterranean realm known as The Depths. Unfortunately, she didn’t come prepared with spells or blessings to shield against a mindflayer. Now she writhes on the ground, furiously masturbating and pumping gallons of cum all over herself as her mind is bombarded with her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies. Will they send a rescue party for her? Does she even want to be rescued? That remains to be seen…
This SIX-image set is the newest release of the Knockout Combo series, set in an alternate universe in a fantasy setting! This is a tangent timeline I intend to visit with my characters from time to time, just to see what hi jinx they would encounter with spells, creatures, etc. Included for members are 4 futa-cock versions and 2 non-canon no-cock versions. Sign up and enjoy!

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