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Brotherhood Recruit Gets Hot and Bothered on Deck!

It’s summertime in the Boston Commonwealth, and even being that far north, it’s still hot as hell. Up on the deck of the Prydwen, recruit Beth is doing her best as an engineer for the Brotherhood of Steel… but that means long hours, strict routines and not much rest. Couple that with the awful weather and the sweltering torch in her hand, and Beth is begging for some relief. For just a brief moment, she finds herself alone and takes a chance… dropping her trousers just to feel some breeze on her hot, damp skin. She just better hope a Proctor doesn’t see her, or she’ll find herself on cleanup duty in no time flat.

For my last pic set of the year, I decided to try my hand at making something cute in the Fallout universe. Sure, she’s not a hero, but she does her best.
Members get all 3 pics in the set in high resolution, uncensored and uncropped, which include pussy, flaccid and erect futa versions. Beth is doing her part. Won’t you?
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