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Blast back to the past with Forbidden Fruit!

After 8 years (with 4 of those being unavailable to the public), I’ve finally brought my comic Forbidden Fruit back out of the shadows. This is a little project my writer friend and I did way back in 2010, complete with having it printed and self-published. Sadly, due to several circumstances, he and I haven’t […]

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Naissa shows off her huge titties (and cock)!

Commissioned by QuantumNukeCola, his fox-girl Naissa was the subject of my ‘experimental slot’. For this set, I decided to go with a shading style somewhat halfway between my usual and the more painterly style of Misty I did a few months ago. Members get early access to both the regular and futa versions, both in […]

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New Knockout release, featuring SekiBot aka Unit 076!

Allow me to introduce Seki as she might appear in an alternate universe… one with sexy robo-girls! Poor SekiBot is just trying to top off her fuel when two brutish mechanics come over and decide to “alter her schedule” a bit. 4-image set includes with/without her digital visor and of course, before-and-after versions. Also mini-stories! […]

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Julip talks back to her creator

It’s been a crazy week, but I decided to do a little 4th-wall-breaking mini comic featuring the seldom-seen googirl Julip. Just a little something silly and fun. Next week I’ll go back to the usual smuttastic stuff, but I might do one of these every so often just to add a bit of flavor to […]

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Ann isn’t holding back any more!

Continuing my quest to draw all the P5 waifus, next up is main party member Ann! I went for a style that was closer to the feel of the game itself, perhaps something you might see on a win screen or something. And of course, site members get the naughty version (and mask versions) too! […]

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Micori and Lyren get some post-game practice!

Commissioned by Ferrin, this little one-off page shows what happens when you put two sportsball monstergirls together, both still high on adrenaline from the game, and add in the fact that they’re horny as hell! Lucky for Lyren, Micori is a shapeshifter, so she can magically accommodate that massive cock! As always, members get early […]