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Nalica and her master pour on the romance

Several people asked for some ol’ fashioned mushy romance between Nalica and her master, so buckle up. The two of them spend a quiet morning having breakfast, when suddenly feelings are confessed. One thing leads to another, before long, they’re making sweet, sweet love in the gentle glow of the morning sun. As a bonus, […]

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Jezebell gets intimate with Lutci

In this new episode of Monster Hunnies, it’s Halloween, and that means people dressing in costumes! Our dear Jezebell has entered the costume contest at Lutci’s big party, but it looks like she’s backstage getting cold feet. Luckily, the hostess herself pays a visit and helps “relax” Jezzy in the best way. Here’s a low-res […]

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Constance gathers info behind enemy lines!

Oh Constance… you really need to stop asking your friends for advice… you always believe anything they tell you. Such as, how to be a proper spy and gather intel behind enemy lines… *sigh* Admittedly I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to bondage, but a lot of folks seem to like gags so I figured […]