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The Wrong Hole

The Wrong Hole ——— “I-I really should get back to the front soon,” Bramble said as the soldier tossed her apron aside. “There might be customers.” “I’m sure they’ll manage,” grinned the soldier, hoisting the shopkeep up so her backside was facing him. Pinning her legs near her body in a “full nelson” hold, he […]

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Flanne’s yummy pussy

Flanne’s Yummy Pussy ———- “That’s right, just over here!” Vera said, disrobing as she coaxed the slime creature from its pool. Her shorts and belt hit the ground with a thud as various bottles and vials rolled away. Clearly Vera’s gathering mission had gone off the rails, and she’d be lucky to walk away with […]

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Nalica becomes the master (for a moment)

Browsing through my Discord “requests” channel, one thing that caught my eye was “smug Nalica”. That idea took root and quickly became known as Nega/Dark-Nalica. The idea is, if she is denied sexual gratification during heat or is unable to control her need to consume large amounts of semen, the other personality takes hold. I… […]

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Bramble quests for cum!

For those that remember this little story about Bramble going out to collect dragon “extract”, here’s a little sequel! Apparently she’s gone out alone, and the pheromones she brought have made her just as horny as her quarry. It’s best that she hurry up and collect the sample as quick as possible… before the beast […]