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Queen Lutci imposes her royal authority

The only part of attending her fellow queens’ parties that Lutci enjoys is draining the men dry. Not out of any notion of love or romance, but out of pure carnal need. One such party is taking place in Queen Margaret’s district, a woman known to systematically edge her male servants and deny them orgasm […]

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Hifumi gets frisky on her date!

Continuing the P5 protagonist’s waifu tour while he’s back from college: he calls up his demure friend, Hifumi, and asks her out on a date. Little does he know, she’s been thinking about him every day since he left, and now that he’s back… well, she’s not gonna let this chance slip by again. It’s […]

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Willow dresses as Cerberus for Halloween!

For this year’s Harvest Festival, Willow has converted one of her farm’s storage sheds into her own little side attraction: the Gateway of Hades! And before the wary carnival-goer can leave, he or she must pay the toll. In this case… the toll must be paid in cum! Site members get this all new eight-image […]

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Nalica has plans for unsuspecting Eleanor (guest artist)!

Hey folks! I’m out of town for a few days at a convention, and Kupaa was kind enough to reach out to a guest artist for this week’s update! Site members get to enjoy Kamina’s fresh-made rendition of Nalica getting ready to give Eleanor “the business” in this sexy site-exclusive pic! <3 Find Kamina1978 on […]