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A blast from the past, made better!

This month’s Kupaa artist challenge was to take an old artwork and redo it with our current style and skill set. For mine, I chose an oooold character (still unnamed) I made back in 2005. Of course, I wasn’t yet drawing lewds back then, so I took a few liberties ^^; Enjoy this little freebie, […]

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Lyren’s airplane adventure gets a follow-up!

Several years ago I drew Lyren secretly fapping aboard an air flight (while a certain brunette watched). In this little follow-up, it appears that the flight attendant that caught her was none other than Micori, who has decided to spirit the two of them away to the galley for a bit of fun! Site members […]

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Nalica obsesses over her master’s cock

If you couldn’t already tell, Nalica is obsessed with cock (particularly her master’s). So perhaps it’s no surprise when, in this new Monster Hunnies release, she tearfully begs him to “feed her”. Luckily, Dharo is a good master, and he’s always willing to supply her what she needs… Become a site member to get this […]

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Jezzy tests out a new sexbot at her shop!

Having bought a new sexbot model for her customers, Jezzy decides to let a patron (Lyren) test out CLEO’s response system in exchange for some car work. It seems Jez was a bit unprepared for just how big Lyren’s “equipment” actually is. Enjoy the first pic of this set. Become a member to enjoy the […]