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Vera gets savagely fucked by an orc!

Time for a new poll-winner release! This time around, I had Twitter vote on which character to feature (Vera won) while site members got to vote on her activity. ‘Penetration’ was the clear winner, so I decided to fill her up properly! Subscribe to get this new Monster Hunnies release (and my entire library of […]

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Nalica unleashes her inner THOT

What originally was a small set of Nalica being a silly slut has quickly spiraled into a massive set with a ton of combinations. 40 in total. Yeah, I… I got carried away. Enjoy this little freebie version! Become a site member to get the whole massive collection in MUCH higher resolution, which includes barefoot/socks, […]

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High-res cocks and pussies

This week I decided to do a little study of what some might argue is the most important part of any porn image, the naughty bits! Don’t worry, next week will be an illustration/set like normal, but I’ve been meaning to sit down and practice a bit. Hope you like this little freebie (become a […]

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Eleanor walks in on a steamy blowjob

In this new release of Monster Hunnies, Eleanor is a journalist looking for her big break. After setting up a meeting with some rather shady informants, she attempts to go meet with the city’s crime syndicate… only to accidentally walk in on the second-in-command (Madame Lutci) eagerly blowing someone! Site members get access to my […]

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Jezebell shyly spreads

Against her better judgment, Jezzy decides to humor the viewer and spreads her soft pussy. Considering how wet she is, it’s pretty obvious she secretly likes the attention, even if the pose is embarrassing… Become a site member to get access to my ENTIRE library of naughty works (years’ worth of content), including this one […]

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Nezeki gets double the treats!

Commissioned by JoshuaD, here are his characters Lilicia (dragon-fox) and Nezeki (jackal) spending a magical time together at the keep. Apologies for the delay on this week’s update, I wanted to make sure I didn’t rush this set (also that background was a beast!). Become a site member to get access to all my sexy […]