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Eleanor Taunts Her Teammates in “Taking Control”!

You’ve seen her get naked in the arcade. Now she’s getting braver. One day after sportsball practice she saunters into the men’s locker room, intent on making the boys her own personal cum dispensers! Members get access to all EIGHT high resolution, uncensored versions (including a 2-part mini-story). If you haven’t already signed up, come […]

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She is So Smug!

You thought that “other” fast food you got was freshly made? Think again, fool. This fiery redhead is here to make sure you never make that mistake again. Because the only thing frozen about this pig-tailed lady is her heart. Winning by a landslide for this month’s quickie pic, I made sure to do multiple […]

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Asuna Shows Off Her Kitty in a Maid Costume!

Though she may look naïve, Asuna certainly knows what she’s doing while lifting that skirt up. She didn’t wear her lovely pinstripe panties just so she could look at them, she wants everyone to see! And then, there’s the matter of what’s underneath… As voted upon by site members, this month’s quickie pic theme was […]

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Seki Plays Footsie with a Huge Cock in “Ride of His Life”!

While getting ready to go out on a day-trip, Seki is dressing up especially cute, all while leaving out one minor article of clothing… her panties. She comes across a young man who rides the gondola with her and decides to give him a little relief along the way. Sliding his warm, throbbing cock between […]

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KanColle’s Bismarck and Iowa Have a Hot Threesome with their Admiral!

The Admiral has his hands (and face… and lap) full with these two Kantai Collection beauties! Bismarck shyly kneels as he licks her sweet, pink pussy while Iowa eagerly rides his hard cock! Will his stamina outlast these battle-ready babes? Members get early access to both versions of this commissioned pic (pussy juice and cum […]

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Lyren Gets Sucked Off in Public!

The extremely well-endowed dickgirl, Lyren, is taking public transit in the city today. Unfortunately, she finds herself surrounded by hot, busty women, and her girlcock decides to barge into the other passengers’ business. Lucky for her, one such passenger takes it upon herself to relieve poor Lyren of her burden, licking stroking and sucking her […]